Recent work


Here's the Goods

  • Oxbow and Somerset reached an agreement to share the cost to purchase and install a air stripping system  (Thank you Mr. Mike Ludlow)
  • 60 new water meters purchased (installation planning underway)
  • New water utility billing software purchased and accounts built
  • Water rates adjusted to proper levels
  • Created a capital improvements program
  • New office computer with receipt printer purchased 
  • New office laser jet printer purchased
  • Joined the Colorado Rural Water Association
  • Plant operator made numerous operational changes improving quality of water, Thank you for everything you have done Mr. Charles Shelden, Great Job !!!!
  • District has implemented a monthly direct line flush that corrected aged water and improved chlorine levels, additionally a new log was created
  • New community signs were built and paid for via local donations, Gunnison Co donated money to pay for powder coating.  Thank you Gunnison for the continued assistance. Sign work was performed by Mr. Josh Milner of Milner CNC, a big thank you for the fantastic sign work Josh !!!
  • Security annalists performed determining improvements needed
  • Worked with Districts attorneys to fix dated legal issues, Statement of purpose was created and filed, also Gunnison District court excepted our petition to open a file on SDWD and recognize our District as a Title 32 operating under current laws.
  • Evaluation determined current water District would need to expand services provided to better meet the needs of the community (Metropolitan District)
  • Explored alternative options to locate a suitable and cost effective resolution to septic repairs or replacements, It was determined affluent septic systems showed to be the best cost effective measure.
  • Oxbow and Somerset are currnetly working on a mutual contract to transfer water plant ownership to the District
  • The District has located a potential class B water plant operator, board plans an interview in executive session, after contact is signed.
  •  Gunnison County has named this the "Somerset Project" spearheaded by Marlene Crosby who will coordinate with the Water District. Somerset is very appreciative towards Marlene Crosby, Matthew Birnie and all of Gunnison County for ongoing assistance helping Somerset. We are very grateful for everyone's efforts. 
  • Gunnison County commissioners have expressed a desire to assist Somerset with issues such as junk removal and possible enforcement as this effort benefits all community members
  • Gridbee Air Stripping installed into potable water plant this system is designed to correct TTHM problems, monthly testing underway beggining Nov 2019
  • Board has approved creation of a new service plan that will include additional services to handle the various needs of our community, this service plan after board approval will be forwared to Gunnison county commision for adoption. Afterwards Somerset will undergo an election to approve a new Metro District providing new services to the community. These new services will not cost district members money directly out of pocket, Members will not notice anything other than a District name change. The board canot have legal authority to apply for grant money to resolve wastewater problems until a Metro creation. The board is hopeful grant money may be obtained, the board will not consider any deals that would put financial burdens on all of our neighbors. The reason the board has opted for this move, is to give the board a chance to help somerset repair its failing infrastrucutres. Simply put thewater board can not ask for money from the state to fix septic problems, as a current water district. Creation of a Metro District is the only next step possible, no other steps may take place with out it. The District will supply factual information to assit everyone understand facts so they clearly will see the need, this really is a do or die deal for Somerset. We must pass this Metro just as a first step of many that are importanly needed. The board strongly urges any parties concerned they might have a better plan to come forward.

About Us

Community owned water plant

Water plant deal was struck back in 2003, Dola assisted Somerset through a brokered deal arranged by Gunnison county. Dola using the Mineral Impact assistance fund granted $375,000, Gunnison Co chipped in $50,000, then Somerset Water District received a loan for $100,000 which after Oxbow mine paid the remainder $200,000 to build this plant. The water District began paying on a 20 year loan. A deal was struck with Oxbow to maintain and operate the water plant, until a date would be reached to transfer completed facilities to Somerset.

Current work

In 2016 a test revealed higher than normal levels of Bromide, being organic and harmless normally, however Bromide reacts when Chlorine comes into contact. This is reaction  creates trihalomethanes, this is called a disinfection by product. Many water plants in Colorado have faced this very same challenge. Our local plant operator work diligently towards a solution, that was cost effective. After weighing out options, then moving towards an on-sight test which proved desirable results. Some time passed, plant operational adjustments were made, recently Oxbow and Somerset struck a deal to share the cost to install a aeration tank mixer, the system has a price tag of $57,000 The system has a manufacturers warranty claiming the ability to reduce THMS up to 50 %

Just the Facts

Somerset loan is specific to building the plant, incorrect street rumors state the loan was for a tank